Woolworths Dairy, Eggs & Fridge Specials This Week from 22 April 2020. Do you know what’s special in the Woolworths for this week? If you haven’t, using the store’s weekly catalogue advertisements will be your great guide.

Woolworths is one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains and suppliers of groceries and fresh produce. Each Woolworths store features a range of groceries and fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry and deli goods.

Woolworths Dairy, Eggs & Fridge Specials This Week from 22 April 2020Keep scrolling with the mouse to view the current special products display.

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Here is Woolworths Dairy, Eggs & Fridge Specials This Week 22/4/2020 – 28/4/2020 :

What’s on special sale in Woolworth this week?

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  • Bega Stringers Cheddar Cheese 8 pack
  • Bega Cheese Stringers Peelable Cheese 8 pack
  • Greek Family Farm Organic Greek Feta 50g
  • Dairy Farmers Classic Strawberry Milk 500ml
  • Dairy Farmers Classic Chocolate Milk 500ml
  • Leggo’s Fresh Napoli Sauce 450g
  • Daly Potato Co. Bacon & Dijon Potato Salad 400g
  • Daly Potato Co. Spring Onion & Garlic Aioli Potato Salad 400g
  • Woolworths Slow Cooked Beef Dinner 350g
  • Delicious Nutritious Vegetable & Ricotta Lasagne 350g
  • Woolworths Chargrilled Chicken Dinner 350g
  • Woolworths Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini With Napolitana Sauce 350g
  • The Culture Co Probiotic Kefir Natural 1kg
  • Chobani Fit Vanilla Greek Yoghurt Pouch 140g
  • Sanitarium Up&go Breakfast Yoghourt Creamy Vanilla 120g


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